Nourishing Roots Apothecary

Asheville Apothecary Herbalist


Each product that we offer is thoughtfully formulated, slowly infused with high quality ingredients, and handcrafted in small batches. Made with potent Chinese herbs, our products are all natural, chemical free, and void of anything artificial. So whether you are soaking in our bath salts, slathering on our salves & liniments, or enjoying a yoni steam, you can feel confident that what you’re using is safe and infused with love.

Sara Mills, creator & maker behind Nourishing Roots Apothecary is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. Sara grew up in a family of avid gardeners, so she always had an appreciation for plants. Once she began her studies in Chinese medicine, Sara felt like she found her calling; she could combine her interest in health with her fascination of plants. Sara holds a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) from Southwest Acupuncture College. She did advanced training in acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine at the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine Hospital in Harbin, China. During her studies in China, Sara saw first hand how Chinese herbs were integrated into daily life. After returning to the US, Sara settled in western North Carolina and began practicing Chinese medicine at The Acupuncture Center of Asheville and started making her own herbal products. She created Nourishing Roots Apothecary to make traditional Chinese herbal formulas accessible for everyday use.

Along with Chinese medicine, Sara has been inspired by Mayan abdominal massage.  Sara has additional training in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®. She has completed the Professional Care Training through the Arvigo Institute in San Ignacio, Belize. Sara incorporates Arvigo® Maya Abdominal Massage into her work to help support the vitality of the internal organs, thus influencing overall health and wellbeing.   

During her free time, Sara enjoys dancing, gardening, cooking and spending time outdoors with her husband & two older pups!